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We are Roofing Contractors in Birmingham and have over 6 years of experience providing roofing.

Roofing Contractor Birmingham

Roofing Contractor Birmingham, Alabama Insurance Claim Process

Have Approved Roofing come out to inspect your roof. If there is no damage, we will recommend that you do not call your insurer to report a claim. This will help protect your record with your insurance company.

If there is damage on your roof we will encourage you to call your insurer to ask them to send an adjuster out to inspect your home. Please confirm the time with us so that we can meet with the adjuster. When we meet with the adjuster on your behalf, our expertise can facilitate the process and increase the chances of your roof getting approved.

If your roof is confirmed to have damage, the insurer will either write you a check on the spot or mail it to you within 2 weeks. Please deposit the check immediately.

Most insurers hold back some funds until the work is complete. We will issue all the proper information to your insurer to have the hold-back funds (depreciation) sent back to you.